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Bounty of the Negev

Negev Nectars began as an initiative to invest in intrepid Israeli farmers of the Negev and highlight the amazing foods they produce on a daily basis. The initial phase was to market and sell gourmet products in the US, but after three years, the products will now be available exclusively in Israel. The farmers continue to produce truly wonderful products and we encourage you to visit the farms, get in touch with the growers and taste the bounty of the Negev. For visiting information, click here.

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All Negev Nectars foods are produced in the Ramat Hanegev region and are certified kosher by Rabbi Svisa, the head of the Ramat Hanegev region rabbinic council,
or are produced in the Arava and are certified kosher by Rabbi Moshe Ha’araya, head of the Eilat region rabbinic council.